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John Bradley has a first-class degree in Metalworking and Jewellery Design plus twenty years’ experience in designing and creating extraordinary jewellery.

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Dot specialises in creating jewellery individual to each client, with a simple five step design process.

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Whether you choose to have a new item of jewellery designed, an earlier design changed, or an existing piece altered the process is the same.

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Thank you so much for making our beautiful engagement ring. It is so unique and made the proposal very special. We’ll be back soon!

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Dot the Jewellers are creators of bespoke, hand-crafted jewellery pieces designed and produced specifically for each individual customer in the tranquil World Heritage Site of Saltaire, Yorkshire, UK.

Here at Dot the Jewellers, we are designers at heart. As artisan jewellers, we specialise in making individual pieces of precious jewellery from scratch, in a creative process truly individual to each client. Our creative designs reflect their unique tastes and distinctive styles resulting in a high quality, bespoke piece of jewellery as individual as its owner.

A little imagination goes a long way. Each unique and exclusive piece of Dot jewellery, be it an engagement ring, wedding ring, eternity ring, anniversary gift or a different bespoke jewellery design, is created by hand in our workshop in the heart of Yorkshire without the use of mass-produced designs or parts often found in commercially produced pieces.

Our jewellery designs are commonly made from a range of precious metals including Palladium, Gold and Platinum, which each offer a variety of colours and qualities. We will guide you to the choice which is best suited to your budget and tastes, as well as the design constraints of the piece you have selected. We are also happy to re-purpose metal from your existing jewellery should you wish (for example, metal from an inherited family wedding ring can be set into a new engagement ring).

Uniting the right metals with the perfect gemstones is when jewellery design really comes to life. Qualities like lustre, sparkle, colour and durability vary widely with each gem-type. We work with a variety of gemstones including diamonds, sapphires and rubies, which can also come in a spectrum of colours, but we are happy to discuss the use of any type of gemstone in your design. You will always be given the chance to examine any stone before it is set, so you can be sure you are completely happy with your choice.