Although every piece of jewellery Dot creates is unique to each client, the design process is the same. Here's how we do it.

The Process


When you first get in touch, I will explain the commissioning process in general terms along with a selection of images from his extensive archive to give you an idea of the possibilities. The images will be chosen on the basis of the type of work you’ve expressed an interest in. You’ll then be asked to make an appointment.

Step One

An initial face-to-face chat to discuss particular designs you like plus features or characteristics you prefer. You will be given an idea of the range of metal types and colours, the varieties and colours of gems, and the cuts of stones available for you to choose from. Your budget is required here to help determine the overall parameters of the design. There is a charge a non-refundable £300 design retainer before beginning any design work which goes towards the finished item.

Step Two

I will then develop the initial designs for your approval. A commissioned design needs time invested into it in order to provide you with a good selection of options. This step ideally takes no longer than three weeks.

Step Three

You will be presented with a selection of computer-rendered designs that will look just like a photo of the finished piece of jewellery. You will always get at least three completely different concepts for each piece. The first stage design work is simply propositions & further design refinements will be done to any design to get it spot on for you. I like customers to be fussy at this stage as any changes can be easily be accommodated.

Step Four

When you're satisfied with everything we’re going to do, you commission us to start work. At this stage we require a 40% deposit based on the overall cost of the item (of which you have already paid £300 with the design retainer). Since the whole production process has been worked out in the design stage, it will normally take four to five weeks to make the item up your design.


It's all yours. However, we don't leave it there - you're now one of our customers, so if you require a size adjustment, update to your insurance value or simply a clean up its all free.

Materials and Techniques

Considerations on metals & gems

I predominately work in 18ct Gold or higher, Platinum & Palladium as these metals are balanced with a commission & offer good longevity. A similar consideration is with gems to be used. There is a fantastic range but some are more suitable for certain items than others. If an item of jewellery is going to be worn and loved a lot a stronger gem would be a good bet. Diamonds & Sapphire are a good choice & there's a good range of colours available in both.